Electrical installation of a card reader system at a “Muster station” at PPG – Cranberry Twp.

PPG Cranberry


We were brought on to install wiring and conduit to provide power to a new card reader station at a “Muster” station (outdoor safety gathering station).   It was discovered just prior to our start of the project that a boring contractor had inadvertently severed an underground electrical line and this was causing adjacent parking and safety lighting to be inoperable.


We had an electrician on the site within an hour of the call.  We worked tirelessly to insure that we got the repair done quickly.  We then moved onto the heart of the project, which was to install the wiring, conduit and set a cement pylon in for the card reader at the new station.


The project was completed ahead of schedule and on budget.  Customer was very satisfied and continues to utilize National Lighting and Electric for other projects.

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