Frequently AskedQuestions

What areas of the country do you complete projects?
We primarily serve Western Pennsylvania, however, we have completed projects from coast to coast. We will travel farther for larger-scale projects. Contact us for more information about your particular project or facility.

Do you just do lighting?
NO!, We are a full-electrical contractor! We have 27 years’ experience in contracting and have project managers with decades of experience and IBEW trained electricians.

Can you help with utility rebates?
Yes, we are very experienced in various utility rebate programs in many states. We have been able to assist our customers in receiving the lighting and other rebates that are owed to them, and many times roll them into the cost of the project, so they are not waiting for the rebate, we are.

Do you hire subcontractors for your projects?
We only subcontract for portions of the project that cannot be completed by our electricians. (Boring, trenching, carpentry, etc.)

Are you willing to work as a subcontractor to a general/prime contractor?
Yes, definitely, we often work as a subcontractor to a variety of general/prime contractors.

Can you complete a project in a hospital/plant/supermarket/school (etc.)?
We can complete electrical and lighting projects in any commercial or industrial and large-scale residential facility. In the past 27 years, we have been in every type of building, seen just about every type of installation. Our vast experience really pays off when a quality, efficient solution is needed for a specific need of a facility.

What certifications and licenses do you have?
We are certified as a “Women-Owned Enterprise” (WBE) through WBENC We are certified as a “Women-Owned Small Business” (WOSB) with the SBA. We are certified as a “Diverse Business Enterprise” (DBE) with PA-UCP
We are certified as a “Small Diverse Business” with PA-BDISBO
We are licensed in the City of Pittsburgh as a contractor and also have an electrical license with the City of Pittsburgh.

Different agencies require different certifications, and we have gone through the arduous process to ensure that we have all of them so that we may meet the needs of any organizations or businesses.

What brand lighting and electrical materials do you supply?
We supply name brand products and you can specify with us which brand you prefer.

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